What can we do to make the zombies happy?

Bathrooms just for zombies!

Blogging Controversy?

Yea I do,
I believe in live and let live, but I think Americans of all stripes will admit they love controversy.  I would say many people live for it just as much as celebrity gossip.  It is something about our freedom of speech that makes us that way.  I would imagine people get restless for a topic to stir up their imagination and blood.  I know this in my heart that we love passion when it comes to debate, we want to be civically engaged and challenged.  It is to say that our country is a living and breathing thing.  That with a bit of weirdness, plus maybe some wonder bread we are ourselves.  As if it is the most American thing to want some form of drama that involves speech.  And we win a lot of the times at this as a collective just so long as we can laugh at ourselves.

Have you reached the logic?

It is full of diamonds there

Of different shapes and colors

Such beauty and wonder to behold

As each facet has your imagination moving

You lay back as if the stars were wondering too

Have you reached deep into the place of truth

There is nobody there to tell you why

If you seek that you may find

There is nobody to tell you why

The clouds begin to fill the sky

It was in on the fiction shelf

You had to find something

Something else!

Mister Vagina had been accused of not being an intellectual!

It was a sigh of relief!

Not like a vamp!

I walked away from the boxing ring..

I had better places I wanted to be

I walked away from bloody conflict

I pray for cosmic justice

I want my life back

Never to get hit

No more

No more

I can easily fall in love with women especially when their heart has some rhythm or pulse!

Here's what I think!

Not just brain farts..

I talked to a stranger about his internet experience..

Eh this is not good.

He had found all sorts of ways to put a glow on bad stuff.  Almost an orgasm of naivety was really offensive.

None of the supreme court justices mentions "The value of a human life"

Not in terms of heinous crimes, but life itself.  A human life.  It is not the horrible person that is the issue.  It is the human life that we instinctively are squimish to inject with a lethal injection.

My duck billed platypus can beat your hippopotamus!

She lay on the yoga mat and assumed dog position!


For the unloved undead!

I would day a cowbow and a poet have plenty in common..

The grace for the ladies and to hit a bottle from a distance.  Not the tallest, but the baddest.  Bluffing for a laugh and then looks you in the eye.  He's really honest more than the game is.

Restructuring of my site and blogs and life coming soon!

If you want something from me email me. Even if you are a brain eater please write me.  Any haters are also welcome, along with blood suckers or money suckers. Reactionary hyper political types can also inquire!  And even the two faced corrupt types are more than welcome!

Thank you!

Its been a good morning!

Rising then shining!

Artistic Idea!

A woman with giant boobs who can cause large moving trucks to bounce off her!

I give Trump fame for no more than a month.

If he makes it beyond a month I will assume he was cloned.

This is no joke!


Apathy goes nowhere!

It is there Luke it or not!

Compute adding!

Sad is gone!

The political situations we find ourselves in indicate our culture is in decline.

Here are some things you can do about it:

Choose to get along with people.

Support people who are creating a better world.

Donate your time and enthusiasm to a good cause.

Be a good example to others.

Think before you do things where there are big consequences.

Use kind and polite language.

Keep healthy and happy as can be.

Live by a moral principles.

Show that you care.

Add beauty.

Getting in touch with some hidden treasures.

Then I am tossed away from my station

Man oh man!

The sea can be violent

Drowning people

And tossing their bodies into ghost ships,

Suddenly Alice appears snapping a whip

And then she spits!

High Noon

Nations who want to be enemies of the United States find it hard.

It is not the military might that defeats, but our nice, diverse, and kind of wacky reality.

A cute chubby kid with batman clothes is hard to dislike.  

I was very devastated when I read how many states support the death penalty.

Enough of a gross number to make me sick to my stomach for two days and counting.

Trump is a zombie from long ago now alive and we love him so!

Hillary I only know is seriously ready with a fat resume!

Vote, yes!

Though you are the hero of the show!

You are Wonder Woman or Captain America!

They are public servants

I believe they need to carry on the legacy of Obama and Bush (Yes) President means we are proud of them.  We know they want the best for us.  For America, they are so American, they are us, this crazy experiment!  Even with fails they remind us of being a young nation.  Even to keep us on our feet when they fail again.  We turn to each other for support, to our flag, and our enduring relationship with the world.  We climb to our feet with each earth quake and smile at the powers that be!  What manifesting destiny, greed, and optimistic creed.  My beloved county, to serve fearlessly, bravely and passionately.  To find strength in our diversity, a love of our enemies, and a longing to be free.  I look to the minds of our founders, how there words written in stone have inspired and endured.  I am proud to be an American!

I lost some blood, but its alright!

At least I didn't get kazika virus!

It was a rather nice mosquito!

But I clapped her dead!

With glee!

A mosquito is a thing to be!

Years ago I wore Batman outfit for the holidays at a maul!

Thanks to becoming Batman I have super friends.

Also it gets rather sweaty in there!

How will I know it her?

You will know by the sound of her fart!

Thank you master.

What is the fountain of youth?

"Ain't it wonderful."

That's my best answer for now (Riding a bull could hurt your back)

The hard way.

As a poet I am tempted to write my feelings

To find what seems to be a depressing mystery

A hidden truth covered in pearls of wisdom

I resist such foolish dark temptations of fear

Shedding light takes a lot of work.

A daily struggle..

The road leads down the tunnel,

And it smells of sulfur

I must be going somewhere

My torch is lasting well

Good peoples intentions

Lead to gleaming green stairs

And there are more stairs

Each asking to be touched

And steel rails are cold

Which burn with frost.

Moose was seeing things!

Lifting nose to laugh

Snorted instead

The rumblings of the undead

As moose seemed floating now

His bluish eyes almost cried

When he numbered into nose

Sledding right at him

Nose had switched sports

What a great little guy!

He had found the perfect pickle for his future ex wife!

A new scientific curiosity!

Professor Pickles was finally happy!

He motioned to a grotesque plant!


I will be famous from now on!

Haaaa haaa!

I'm really easy!

If you want me just feed me and wipe me!

In return you will be loved forever!

When will my blogs you take on a life of their own!

Zombie Blogs?

You can chew all my limbs off, but you will still have my mouth to deal with!

Zombies need! (Trigger Warning)

Gone now..
And that was freaken scary!

Is the invisible universe more important than the visible one?

So can green stars be white stars?


We started with Trolls!

Now we have Super Giant Vampire Trolls!


It seems that an academic fixation on sex and gender has caused great harm.

Be Thrilled!

Zombie Nose was now ready and sniffing!

Something reeked a lot

Nose was ready!

Dead things smelled interesting

Not like his last life time

Nose just was happy!

It was good being a zombie nose!

A zombie nose is something to be!

Then through the shadows Moose!

Oh No!

Things are dying, but I am shooting for the stars!

Even to get past Pluto,

Onwards ho!


Onwards Ho!

Either way its

Some kind of pathway

And dreams to look into

Waves of kisses

Drunk on fun


The clock struck midnight and my black and blue cat creeped down the hole into nowhere!

Such was the night song

Of bells that can't be heard

As we all travel night wards

Hold onto your parachute

Observe the sea

Drink the crystal waters

But never come back to me.

Who will save us from eternal damnation!

Nose had returned as a



Real Life.

You can dance to madness

Hold to emptiness

You can try to pray

Or to find a prey!

I have to run

Things to do of importance

Got a drum to bang out

My frustration!


Are not for true idiots

Grab the nose and tug

Happy in the arrogance

Fig leaf concealing

Fart heads dreaming

From coast to coast

From planet to planet

Looks tasty selfy

Tastes like burnt toast

Hey fate angel

Grab your gloves

Ain't nothing like it

Like good love

Good love




Passing tears around..

Lake of imagination

To drink from

Thanks to the flow

Poetry is ready to grow

You can hold me to a verse

Plant me as I am

And see all


This is me as a zombie!


Important question!

Is there a chance of a virus in the food supply causing the violence as one of the causes?

Got something in my blood yea,

Some kind of love

You know maybe

For all poetry simmers

Like ancient history

A path of bones


Let's just say Bill is the kind of guy who easily seduced. Really easy.

So let's get this out of the way real fast!  They did it!  In fact twice!  They even kissed on the lips and played with rock buddy!

Now are you happy!

Crazy Times!

  Two cowbows, Solemn and Squatty, were in the big city, but they had only fifty cents between them.  They had just delivered six carloads of horses and had not time to "fancy up" any. Instead of their usual sweet selves, they looked more like a pair of real, woolly outlaws!

Be the man or the woman or what ever!

Perhaps the computer takes us to alternate realities all the time and we are shy to admit this.

The internet is a tool for you to use.

I know the cynical money speaks in America as the complete definition of our politics.

I think the Europeans don't exactly understand us.

I can imagine the future of Europe fairly easily.

A destructive economic time, followed by something new for the the region.  Change is eminent not just for England.  That is unknown will likely happen.  It won't be a normal year as yet another surprise is coming.  There are some interesting lessons other area could learn from.

I am still thankful to be here in America.  I have explained before it seems to have the luck of a child.

An enormous amount of people came to this blog soon after I made two small posts.

I have no idea why!

Power as expressed by humans is interesting as to be of interest to people. Yes.

But how good is politics and power for anyone?

Harsh survival conditions may have shaped the human eye in its constant state.

Mosquitoes, badgers, large cats, ect.. have made our vision outdated to some degree.

The zombies were everywhere!

Soon all were happy!

And it felt greaaat!

Now do the thriller!

Bite not at my neck!

Yes you!

The living dead person!

Contain yourself!

Vamps just don't have it!

Got blood?!

Do you like to feed of the souls of the living?!


In multiple colors they are sexy blow holes also!

Set them for maximum suck!

Upstage with maximum thrust!

At an undead store near you!!!!

Zombie erotica!

The zombie was not sexy

It mattered not

Zombies care not

Bodies are boring

When brains are

So exciting!

In the case that you are dead and still here you are living dead!

Naturally you are interested in the living

How do living humans eh live

This is a great mystery!!!

As a zombie you must find life again

Maybe the road to heaven

It is wise to be yourself

A zombie is a thing to be!

The words made only some sense

Like something which was 

Hanging upside down


And attempting to get out!

His thought were not human

Though it seemed he was

With such a strange laugh

Its pain was never far off.

I am leaping ahead and feel so good..

As in a way its understood

In a style of you and you

This place of pretend

All bad things end.

A nice place indeed said Bill Hole.

Yes said the Dear

And for a man in need

Being devastated

By loss after loss

The Dear turned his head

Come on!

I am weary true

But where to?

It is deep in the forest

The leaves are made of velvet.

His patience did not exist..

He had an urge for brains

Juicy brains like oranges

Like list or greed

It had to be




A best day ever

To chew

To eat.

Be glad that Superman never became a zombie!

Life continues.

They broke the glass down

Not caring about the cut to their bodies

Zombies are generally not caring

They arrive in a herd

Stampeding madly

Thank God it is just TV

Not reality at all

All is good in this world

All is good.

You can run but you will always come back to you...

The zombie was unsure for a moment...

as to be distracted by elsewhere

spun his head around and stared

oh creatures of the dark come

Come all at once..

for to kiss in times of need

for love is like a glass of wine.

Drink up with all your hate

drink for the sound of rotting

drink for the death of love

A strange sound comes

Kiss and bang and wallow

pity in your old street clothes

looking into a creepy window

your eyes as red as blood

Then there is a roar

someone above had been



And a kitten was gently


Come in to my bedroom

she whispered.


Zombie blood levels should be drawn about once a month to see if you are infected.

The word sociopath is in itself misleading.

The poets gathered by the Oakland Graveyard!

It was followed by hours of frowning

The a good hour of lies and insulting

Followed dancing dead brings

Lasting sours smarting stings

Then onto the mouse ileum

Where mouse was sitting

Still shocked by death

Crying for Nose!



This can not be!

How romantic she said..

As his nose slipped off

Would you like it in your soup

No I don't thinks so zombie guy

If I had only known

You just ruined my night

Take your lousy nose

I'm sad

And taking a cab home!

(She blows snot into a napkin)

(He continues to stare at her

His eyes bulging!)

How undead is your love!

I really need to know

Can you canabalize

With a sexy absent look in your eyes

With no depth at all

To devour me whole!

How undead is your love?

Will you love me to death?

And forever and again?

This is greeeat!!!

Do zombies keep leftovers in the freezer or not?

You decide what to do next!

Or check your own freezer!

There may be a treat hiding!

To read or not to read!

That is the question

Or perhaps a call to action

Undead is dull and boring

Read on young book people

There are adventures to discover

A man with a twisted hat

Plus life on Mars year one

So join the living!



Now what can I say!

Challenges exist and that is life

Screaming to the edge of time

Only a can opener to see

Inside the deathly world

To be lost and keep moving

I am not afraid at I peel

Yes there are dangers

Eating a blue tangerines

Holding arms with arms

A new circle forms!

Really life has been a struggle not to become famous!

Then later I find out everyone wants to be famous, then I become famous for avoiding fame!


Being undead may be tough!

People might not understand

Not everyone loves blood

Just the way you do

Be proud and win

Fun, fun...πŸ‘Ή

Moving on a plane of existence!

How to with blocks to play

Building a fancy cathedral..

Teatime is never free!

Though things return!

Peace can be!

Its possible!

Sometimes a gorilla can be a threat to a human if you do your research!

Bill was unaware while riding the horse..

His body slumped over as if dying

A trail was appearing in black sand

Glowing blue and rapidly expanding

Giant Blue Horse where to said Bill

I am feeling over the hill

Said Bill Hole himself

A castle with a city

Mmm why not?

Trot, trot!

Matilda Jane!

"Matilda Jane, you never look
At any six pack abs
I display them to no effect
You must be blind, Matilda Jane!

Biceps make no difference
Everything fails
Yet why do you drool
Your eyes glazed over
Heve you been eating donuts!

Have you anything to say
Why do you look at me that way
As if you want to eat my brain,
Come to your senses Matilda Jane!
What you desire is insane

Can I convince you to play math games
Please be nice Matilda Jane!!!!"

Being a comic means being a bit irreverent and carefree in dealing with personal social issues.

Yes sometimes offense will happen, but the dirt and even pain coming out is eventually healthy.  It makes things more real. That makes humor very valuable even when its tears and not laughter!

Down in the crystal electric blue waters

Stuff was happy

Life was buzzing

So the day was ending

The surf ladies wait

You see them

With their sparkly eyes

As I relax

The world is hypnotized

It could be

A birthday surprise

Coming out of a yellowish cake

For all the world is sweets

When off the streets

Creating dreams!

If people paint Trump as the ultimate nightmare he will be given more support!

Totally demonizing someone is a turn off.

No to Trump though.


I'm famous yippee!

Not sure, but thanks for the great support I do get plus the positive connections I have made!

Fame isn't what it used to be actually!


Shine, but not too brightly is my advise.

It is expressing yourself heart and soul and not about a spotlight!

Can a city be turned into a healthy place?


Sure the meals can be delightful and so true with much else.

I'm not calling them Babylonian Hells!

The problem is inequality and human natural laws.


Yes with smog, cars and lack of nature mutations can occur!

That's why I'm recommended lots of ice cream and trips to the country.

Or just be nice

Less sleazy

Plus drink tea

And hit people less!


I got called honey today!

She said she calls young people that sometimes after I inquired!


With lightest sleep over thy blue eyes
thy eyelids closed
like pure white snow
over violets reposed.
But I have never slept
the sleep of pleasure.
Be happier than I.

I'm getting used to Liberal California..

I find less laughable or infuriating thing about it now.

As long as they don't hate on rural places I'm okay!

It looks promising compared to three years ago!

Bill Hole was confused and hugged himself

Only to wake on the back of

The Giant Blue Horse

Magnetic with electrics

Electric blue into a sunset

On a heaven like path

Ashes to ashes

A seed is born

Awaiting the harvest moon

And the time device

Begins moving!

Say something political Mark!

Trump uh!

This election is hurting my interest in American Politics. Oh well.

In an Exit there are strange things...

Even new Exit signs

And people who seem to fade

While rocky shores seem new

Sounding my rational by far

Starting sign seem hard to


Making a trail is wise

And keeping a smile


Questions and answers!

Favorite Food?  I don't know!

Favorite day of the week?  Saturday

Favorite place?  Nature

Favorite Celebrity?  Neil Degrass Tyson

Favorite time of day?  Late afternoon

Favorite Color?  I don't know?

Best feature?  My secret!

Favorite weather?  I don't know!

Best experience?  I don't know!

Best Music?  Laughter!

Best pleasure?  I don't know!


When I am home again!

It is near the sea I find my peace
Though I like the city lights
The roaring ocean is my delight!
It takes me to reality
In serene simplicity!
Calm deep moments
Like a dream!
Lost is waves
I escape!

Semiretired is the new young!

In time..

Things will make sense

Sensible intellectual

You must think between

Lines of time unseen

Pass go into dreams

Hold tight

Everythong is fine!

I believe uncertainty is something people need to learn to live with somehow

We can't figure out a lot of things that are important, but sometimes our minds catch glimmers of fact and evidence.  Don't burden yourself with what is often the chattering of the mind.

In the purple sky are small birds,

Made to dive down in seconds

Hold onto something

As it turns blood red

Small birds fall fast like bullets,

Running tigers jump

It is that time of the month!

Jump harder!

Miss Lips was fishing along time ago

She wanted an electrical eel

As Salmon though fatty

Had suddenly gotten old

As to sit and read for days

Then dark cold years

For Miss Lips to win

A very nice eel for lunch

Plus great electrics

Now in the future present

She would be fabulous

Then famous

In a shiny new dress

Maybe with Bill.

Time Travel Mmmmm...

There would need a time machine or something to travel with?

I think the novel is weakened by so much literary criticism.

Could Mice an Men by Stienback get published today if a time warp happened or not?

You Decide or Judge?

If you think you understand the United States then I just learned calculus today!

I speak for the bees!


Nose was not careful when smelling the cats butt!

RIP Nose

He was a great little guy and a good surfer!

In the infinite well of human ignorance I discover the horrible creature!

The ignoramus

Who knew little

And was proud

Of 1/4 knowledge

Baking up hate

With grave humor

A taste for shock

Thick headed

Big mouthed


And rock

Plus I know you

Eat my socks!


Sacked as can be

Standing on sand

With greedy hands

Oh yes

Oh yes

This Jabberwocky!

What the heck is going on!?

Can't make sense!

Even the clouds!

If there is a God!

Please explain!

Best efforts!

Greet me with puckering lips

I will stare hard

This will not be evil

To roll across the yard

And I grin

Then we spin

On blue hills

Covered in glitter

Now lay down your arms

And lay with me

And my 10 poodles!

If I were you I would run though the secret door!

I don't care about Mister Vagina!

Go ahead and steal him/her!

Lame name means lame character!

Good riddance!

When we are young,

Life is more wonderful

It is said

We are pure

And all is good

With youth

Yes to

Forever 21

At a maul near you!

How is my life?

Where I am in it why?

Through winding yellow roads!




Through the darkening hole

Make haste as the planes come in




Bravery is becoming of people

And this dying planet needs luminaries

Drink the waters and sleep

Souls alive


I will get upset if all the early California West disappears.

That's almost like genocide.

I got a card that says "Trust God" on it!

I sort of like it

It's staying where its visible

No, I would not call myself a believer

Or use the word belief

Just curiosity!

My bigger better life?

No matter what it is 3 or bust!

Her keen mind could device..

And touch upon devices

But it backfired into floating leaved

Heads rolling through electrics

A cut forms for something

Tears drip from mountain tops

He was staring at Breasts

She wobbled and that's it

As she was very special


The one and only

She said:

Bow before me

Oh yea

In your dreams baby

And its getting late

Plus the scrambled eggs

They are burning

With San Francisco


Was a real good time

Not a pity for today on Favebook

With love on my mind sort of

This thing called love

The cats with their litter

That same old love

Crazy cats jump on ovens

Kick up some dust

Spys voyages by ocean

Cameras on nipples yes

So exciting

Those slimy eyes disguised

Oh honey bun hot dog.

A slice of apple love my dear darling lamp light.

Heart shaped fills empty spots demise

Broken shapes repaired still hated

As the stage spins for actors dim

Caused for nothing a bank holding

Trumpets froth in the afternoon

Graditude slithers with pythons!

Two heads is weird.

Time skips a beat again!

You touch the fire engine

As the sirens go

It was a magnet

As to hold onto

Breaking the tires

Rubber explodes everywhere

Burning sheets of paper

Cities burning!

Bill Hole was alive, kissed her hand not once but thrice times his beating heart!

He was ready!

And she smiled!

Doing a wiggle!

Sharpening her nails!

morgangreenster@gmail.com is me! contact me!

I will love you on Jupiter..

Within the massive gas planet

Inside the strange red eye

Our love will cause storms

A living planet will form

Kissing vapor trails

In passion




Yes this is the best ever




We shalt rule forever!!

Walking in...


Drink me to the end of love

Tender moments

Hiding under silk

Drink me to the end of love


For stroking fires

Lifting desire

Darling we can get

So much higher

Drink me to the end of love

So much higher

Never ending


For the romantic comedy contact me at mark_guttman@yahoo.com

I have never heard of a dolphin becoming a nationalist racist or into wars!

Your interpretation of what I write is often yours and may be way off!

Though I won't ever go to Israel, I understand Lithuania wants Lithuanian Jews back, (Entire population was killed) 1/4 of my family included.

It was in a battle with the Germans during world war 2 that the desicive victory was won by Japanese American soldiers!

Meanwhile other Japanese Americans were in horrible internment camps.  That is serious irony.

From Russia with love.. I had a best friend who imagrated to the United States and worked hard to become a computer programmer!

I miss you Dimitri!

Get you vagina orchids now as spring is upon us or you depending and the wills of special flowers in times of need!

When I said my life was going places I didn't mean down a hole into darkness or to encounter Miss Lips, or to get lost in Less Wicked Land!

Woe is me, for thine fresh tears, in naked group therapy, advanced and experienced

Suddenly I was a cat at last with your house as mine!

I win!

You can clobber me between the eyes..

You can try to push me to suicide

You can beat me and torture me

But still I rise

Like an eagle to the sky

I will rise.

I just need people who have gained my trust, otherwise nope.

I got a Shurms book on how to write a short story that gave me the confidence to write Everyone's Nightmare which was painfully difficult to write and incredibly challenging. Torwards the end it became a math problem!

You can find me at the end of time!

I will be sitting on a rock waiting!

As if I knew you were coming!

Causing the leaves to rustle!

From your presence alone!

A bolt of thunder!

How happy or oppressed am I?

My digital life has some shine on it, and I am not glued to it.  Super Trolls are still there, but greatly Reduced!  Years have shown me that internet interests are declining, but not just because of Super Trolls.  It narrows in my experience to less novelty.

Past nowhere!

The halls unbutton into the distance!

Clouds to fill elevators with song!

Concepts of tunes and numbers!

We were onto something's!

Then birds fly screaming!

If we hang out let's fly paper airplanes okay!

Paridise risks a boring price!

We need our strange places!

The group that is fighting antisemitism the most in America is a Jewish group called: Anti defamation League!

This is likely not what it seems, but is for antisemitic views in order to prevent intermarriage and Jewish assimilation!  A likely goal of some Rabis also!  Non religious Jews resent this unethical practice and there is a book I found on the topic once.

Pain drifts like rain..

A golden flower opens

Eyes of yours enters cosmos

Tiny bolt of lightning

Dreams dresses into forests

I am here in inside winds

Quietly dreaming of something

Sometimes pain slips into rain

The seasons ripe strawberries!

Acting imaginary shark feeding frenzy party feeds trends twerk troll on twinkies!

So, how goes it Smarco! What you say!

Still hit with lame and it icky power

I've seen worse and I've seen better

No need to dive in

Like slamming down gin

Or smashing a tea cup in Chico

That leaves leaves blowing

O Canada

Dan, are you are there?

Is the tea any better?

Can you stand the weather?

You must resist every urge to get heavy with your poetry, and you will fail sometimes.

I am more of a cat person than a dog person..

Cats will never allow you to feel superior to
or to be mistreated.

Kittens have been known to bounce off of walls..

Kittens that do that will win your heart forever!

Especially when you find out that..

As the kitten gets older you find the cat is the center of your life

The cat is your master almost

As it purrs like an engine with love

Gazing up at you with a furry face that will never let you down!

The anthology called Highway 99 reveals our suspicions were not false as we thought about poetry.

The book is close to 1000 pages long and has many unknown poems by people who never made a name for themselves.  Are you surprised?

A new mission?

I suppose dealing with my disillusionments.

That makes the 3 project very difficult to really win at.

Foot prints on the ceiling left an odd feeling,

Something above

Somewhere in here

This barn is full of hay

My life

My life

There rolling

Like a sea of hay

I would sing

By a humming

I would hear

A new day coming!

Enter the frost palace!

Inside people are forced to dance in gold and satin!

As if the sky was lit up by earthquakes!

Her body double takes her place!

See rabbits race!

I believe it is now possible to figure me out as a writer in terms of what is uniquely me about it!

May this be!!

English Breakfast if you please Mr. Eliot

I understand you had a dream

Once yes while on vacation

As if God was filling me

A strange energy!

I get it Mister Eliot

You are now free!

And he thanked me


He had some poetry

And cigars.

America is my favorite magical monkey!


The poem below is a good example structure!

Other events!

Come with me to the sea

Forget the world exists

Slowly undress

Till there is very little left

And wonder if

God is a drop of water

Take me to a corral reef

Share your lack of


Star fish shine

In your bright blue


Wonders behold

As the world gets old

And hermit crab smile

The waves roar and hiss

Now open your eyes

Its bliss!

Falling in love is great!

You brain feels electrocuted!

Your body feels weak!

There is some confusion!

You curse cupid!

And pray!

Hippy forest to become swing state!

On my second expedition!

I wondered about mineral deficiency!

Retarded bodily development is mysterious!

The best looking unhealthy people ever!

OMG this is greaat!

Plus so many fancy fancy blocks!

This is heaaven!

I can smell the wine!


I have arrived!

The new handsome handsome guy!


The one and only!

With diamond eyes!

I spy

I spy


What next?

Some applied decisions turned into commited action!

Sun is now good!