I want this to be that

And not cosmic chatter

My pity tripper is

not working

is broken

breaking a sad spell

Now open your


remember the dramatic

burlesque gross stuff

and the leader

running in circles

with mini

minds making peanuts

wind up in bed

nose bleeding to

a hurt foot.

Were these zombies she wondered...

If so then this brawl might not even happen,

Luckily I have no brains!!!!

When you tempt a vulcan.

For a gift I hold beneath my tongue is freedom.

In the dice I found sevens.

Would you walk downwards?

Does this worry you?

There are strange places which tempt..

To live is to remember how to feel again.

Sweating all that you can, for falling into arms and hands soon the sun, life.

We love you Paul!

They do cry.

Yes always means no?

She strikes with balls of ice..

her big icy balls

no shame just pain

she abuses with spikes and


it is not nice

but again she strikes

no shame

no gain

She strikes with balls of


Call me what you like, you have felt my bite, and like chocolate, you like!


After years of prose and fancy fiction, poetry lurks ready to claim its spot again.


Stop this nonsense.

Alice found sleep difficult,

Now who would rule my room

shall the king of fools

in the fire place is fine

she has a list of rules

be nice and then bite

were the times

the best days of rest

now look inside my head she


it has to sort out

the dictionary


The room was a boat

now came about

inside a rope

waiting for an opening

grabbing the coins

if only the story 


something special

like a show to give me


best to rest

you need to sit down


Note to self.

I could not
she said
feeling dreary
the waves in the sands
i say it is later
which tells me something
as to get scratched
she had teeth
this crazy rabbit
i had no idea
I said
So sad to hear her
she is silent wed
I said
that was the last
she has insisted
yes then what
she said
tame me for now
cut my wild hair
put it in a case
yes was that
I can tell

Carry on my friends.

Know your history.

Stupidity is not an option.

she crawled around
as she was looking
it went into a hole
where a crack was
and something was coming
a tear in her eye
for who might arrive..

A dark horse in the night?
Something very odd and bright?

Alice could hear it purring
she cried out in song..
is that my cat dinah?
you should come down this
and stop vanishing again
perhapsin the chimney top
tall dark thin strange men
now she dropped intoa pin
her little diamond within
Upon a sleepy time
she was looking up
where a crack was growing
and the garden burped
I wonder if you are happy
as to find the chapel of love..

He was nearby
you just knew a change
froma button released
to realizecold
and seduction
for the arrows purpose..

Roses split open.

Inside the perfection room,

A darkened candle in the gloom
heads dropped low for nothing
here and there are meanings
backwards away mysteries
and a croaking mocking bird.

In time the rain will come like soft illusions of seconds.

Make haste..

Now the sun is down
Hold your horses
Maintain a frown
Let your brain destroy
Rivers enter now..

The zombies are coming out
Descending from the mountain 
Clothes in tatters
Rotting flesh smells bad
It is getting early again
Onward ho, they go..

Frost is on the lips
Cold things move
upon the ships.

Matilda Jane

"Matilda Jane, you never look
At any six pack abs
I display them to no effect
You must be blind, Matilda Jane!

Biceps make no difference
Everything fails
Yet why do you drool
Your eyes glazed over
Heve you been eating donuts!

Have you anything to say
Why do you look at me that way
As if you want to eat my brain,
Come to your senses Matilda Jane!
What you desire is insane

Can I convince you to play math games
Please be nice Matilda Jane!!!!"

My blogs get very little traffic (No more than 200 people each day) on a very good day.

Therefore do not consider me to be an important blogger.  I am here to do a service mainly.  The intention is for my readers to get something from reading, watching or viewing.  My ego is to be left elsewhere for the most part.  If you don't like my blogs you have the option of not looking at them.  I am not open to being stalked or hated upon.  Life is too short for that.

Good luck and be well.
Messingwith minds is all very fine
said the Madhatter as
it makes things being
when soup arrives!
when soup arrives!
Nice people being nice..

The expertsare right
yousay yousay
comeinto the waiting place
it always ends this way
as todie and go
it just does
don't go!

Falling leaves bleed?
nottrue said Alice.
addition is notthe way
that leaves touch
as flowers bend
you get rough
you said..

Fool me follows
the garden smells
candy is dandy
boozed again.

There is something hidden about San Francisco..

They remain inactive on almost every issue involving minorities, the poor and the homeless.  This is almost like denying there is a problem at all.  A consistent problem is just this:  Claiming to be liberal and doing very little that is.  Every year people vote for a liberal system that is highly ignoring of the issues it says it will help with.

The Eagles will fail!

Sure and yes..

The rich will not be saving us. I sure don't believe they will.

The pros came and sat down,

Hello I said
the looked away
then frowned
welcome to
the land
of glue.

They held gadgets
and flashing cubes.

Please watch
and then confused
as to the minute

do sit down and
enjoy the room
with new
newly improved

Do you like
would you
have a cup
of magic juice
they were not

So you know me
and you want me
My happy face
Me and my smile
 Come all
lets stay a while.

would you like a nice cup of tea!
Alice tried to laugh.

Hi Erik,


Happy Birthday,

I am moving to Olympia Washington, sure am.

The Bay Area is becoming very challenging and not safe.

How are you?


With a little help Trump could be cured.

First he would have to learn how to make his sentences have more than just impact..
Money could be the way to everything and Trump could win at the Bingo..
If he loses his hair then his power dome will show.
We could all go gambling and hold his hand..
A friend in business is good to have.

The zombie on a vacation..

To let the beach roar
as to fall into the shore
flesh departs into the sea
always you also me
Let the drops go away
to mix into the maddening
Ships arrive on time
coming about turn
we are tuning near
the rocks
all the fun
There is the foam
rain replaces memories
for the sea to drown
and joy rises
Here in my hand.

Learned a lot..but..

I hope the future really is brighter
some fog is thick
and even if you fight it
sick stuff arrives
you open a can
Good things there like god
Perhaps Peter Pan,
don't get hooked
don't get hooked
time for the buttered toast
a loud crunch
then sudden he can be seen
he runs
Let him run down
If that is good
yet in tense moments
don't get hooked
don't get hooked
Time for lunch.

The zombie was reading some journalism,

Silent bones like tumble weed

Her laughter grew forwards

Into the trees made of liqiour

Some people don't like the flavor

after a long day

she crafted a platter

in the shape of a flying saucer

Give me your raw food

it was time for dinner.
Holding air
Was part of her hair
Waves into the ethers
of space
can not hide
the lurker in the dark
the crevice
something was growing
She made a fist
Rather nice
You said
Holding back tears
Alice had to sneeze
You wanted her to
As didI
I wished she would
Soyou felt it was
That she shake itup
Add some newelement
With somepink dust
She was looking
The Persian rug
For something lost
From where she
Thoughthe wasn't
Conclusion inopposition
From the fact
The cat was floating
Uponthe ceiling
AndShe was no crazy
Thoughyou know
It is not real her
So she sat on
Justto collect herself
Then to holdher breath
She asks you also
Like a game ofchess

oh yet
lets hold our breath
for indeed
weWill not sneeze
for then a death
as thereIs
no blessing
do it
Do theShuffle

She wiggled inside
inside the leather arms
she looked upTo you
i can see ittoo
call it love
orIce cream magical cream

Love is just a living dream
perhaps Catwomen
all ten
doing acrobatics
just another night
doing the swing
Doing that.

Please touch mynose!

Alice was looking deeply
Seeing that there was a bright object
Floating like a cloud above
She wondered why such
Had this object become
Then it was cat

Cat why are you
up there above me
lets see your real body
itire of your fading
I am very small
Thisis my bed time
And your time also

The was a purring from a wall
Curiously it was
Perhaps from a painting
Cat was doing nothing
justa smilenow
Please said Alice again
Can we put you in the cabinet
ThenI could take you out
For sometime in wonderland
Not again for not anymore
As the garden is the secret
The place where my hat is
Such a collection
As for perfection
Sohappy also
Being rather snappy!!!

The bees were polinating
as to dance across pedals
beyondthey said
to findout more
Remember Dina
I could if
I just remembered
Tall grasses and poppies
orforgeting as long as Ican.

It tired her to fall now
Too slip unseen away
She saw only her feet
There was a ticking sound
Ah Alice it may beitnow
Do come and join the fun
As if to tickle her a finger..

I have waiting a voice said
For you to enter my place
Our sorrows will go then
Will you go or not sugar.

Alice felt herself weaken,
For rabbits bounced around
And that being silly
You could admit
just a bit!

Green was widening
Turning into whitefire
as the moon grew larger
pullingat her body and
Thatwas special now

She spun around at
Something like love
Alice was a bit hungry
for sometimes something
less confusing
as to what
or him
whowas appearing
Blacked out..
He was!