Just thoughts..

I am not religious

But temptations are best

Listened to with much


Seductions with a squid

with suction

let us zap with joy

I am into electrics

find me in the storm

surrounded by crows

and cows.

History is alive and well.

And there she was!!!

With a world brimming

I have to reach for

Nothing at all

that kind of love

not in surround sound

or burning love whirls


This hurt or sort

to find out

in the hand of

burning love

on a burning bush

all to fall into

strangles the

root of all


Hold on yea!

for love must arrive

in a can

as like soup

give me that broth

no brothel

Oh no! love shall come.

i am ready for nothing!

this is greeeat!

Winter makes zombies moist with dew..

They wander around after 2:oo

Stay home they said

For when midnight strikes


A bar can do wonders true

with bar flies dancing

to strobe lights

Come now and be sensible

Zombies just are not real

but I feel something

something is coming

The bar door is flung wide

And the zombies get inside

You should have been more




It was her wild smile,

for laughs came faster
till she grabbed my hands
hers so softly tender
and tender was her manner
brushing her cheek to
Not like winter she said
below the apple trees
biting with snow
we could blend together
against all weather
Oh no was I to tether
below the bells
were set to toll
and I waited
for hours and day
and there a single flower


Nothing like it!

Zombie Nose looked up

It was suddenly bright and green

Suddenly there he was

Mister Hole himself

Can I help you said Hole

Anything to offer you?

I can be your new friend,

I think

Therefore I am being

Quite has become

My giant tree

Calling me the little man

I suppose I am

Can I make you some tea,

The tab will be on me!

a fog came in like

a real blanket

floating near my head

My head said Hole

I am Bill Hole

Do you smell my situation

As if to call nose something

Like a deviant!

Oh no the tree

It is reaching out for me

Maybe to rub my back

Perhaps I scratch

Oh zombie nose

Can you smell?

Please let me help!